Thursday, December 18, 2008

Party in the Front Yard

Have you ever wondered what is going on in your front yard at 3 AM? Why when you go to bed there is a foot of fresh snow blanketing your grass, and you wake up the next morning and it looks like 20 kids have been playing in your front yard? Maybe they have!!

I was up early working this morning, and discovered what has been making the dog want to go outside at 3AM every day at my house!


I think the momma was embarrassed to been seen with the jackrabbit following her around...she chased it off right after I took the picture! But he wasn't fazed. He ran off a little ways, and then came right back and started following her around again. Lots of nourishment for a little bunny in those fresh deer droppings...yuummmy!!!

These were all taken with only the streetlight for lighting, with my camera's ISO maxed out, and taken through the glass from the window of my office.

The mystery has been solved!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Portrait Session in the Park

After months of studying and practicing, I felt I was ready to tackle my first portraits! After a lifelong fascination and obsession with capturing the great outdors and all of natural wonder it contains, I thought it would be fun to expand into portrait photography, and I haven't been disappointed.

The day we scheduled for our shoot couldn't have been better ~ an absolutely beautiful November day with temperatures in the 50s. We met in the Spearfish City Park, where the kids were actually able to run around and pose without jackets, for a little while anyway! I arrived early to find some good sites, but instead I found this beautiful bald eagle fishing in Spearfish Creek, so he was an added bonus to a wonderful day...but he did cause me to lose focus on why I was there early!

Luckily, I did have a few areas in mind, and we proceeded to spend about 45 minutes getting some wonderful shots before the sun went down, and the temperature dropped FAST!

I am very excited about this new area of photography I am venturing into!

2008 Spearfish Spartans Football Season Book

The Spearfish Spartan's 2008 team football book is finally published! This is a 72-page photo book highlighting several of the local games for both the JV and the Varsity teams. A 15-page preview can be seen by following the link below, and a published copy of the book is available for viewing and ordering at any of the upcoming basketball games and wrestling meets. The book can either be purchased on-line by followed the link below or ordered by contacting me directly.

Spearfish Spartans 2008 Football Season Book

Thank you for your continued business!

Jana T.

Opening Day of Northern Hills Deer Season

Welcome to the photo blog of Thompson Photography! In my blog, I will try to keep you updated on highlights of sports events in the northern Black Hills, as well with the other avenues I am pursuing in my photogaphy career (fishing, hiking, camping, snowmobiling....)!! Welcome, and I hope you enjoy!

11/01/08 ~ Well, the day all of the Northern Hills hunters wait anxiously for is finally here! I decided to spend it holed up in a blind calling the pack of coyotes who live behind our house, trying to get some pictures, but they were smart and decided the opening day of rifle season probably was a good day to stay holed up! I did hear a couple of them yip a few times, but they waited until it was good and dark before venturing out. By then I was trying to stumble my way back to the truck, since I had forgotten my headlamp!
No coyotes, but I saw some other critters!

This guy followed me almost all way to the ravine where I was going to hide, then he decided the going was a little too rough. Every time I set up my tripod to take a picture, he started chewing on my camera, so I finally had to give up!

Hiding out from the bowhunters that are just on the other side of the fence!

Pretty as a picture!!!!

It is amazing how BIG these guys sound when you are sitting in the woods all by yourself and it is getting dark out, and there is a thick pile of dried leaves on the ground and every sound is magnified 1000%! I swore there was something really big out there coming my way!!!! Looks pretty innocent, doesn't he???

No headlamp, lots of things going bump in the night, and a ways back to truck (but one very friendly horse to keep me company!). Time to call it a night!