Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Boys Middle School Basketball Season

With the middle school girl's basketball season coming to end before the Christmas Break, now it is time for the boy's middle school basketball to begin. I shot my first game last night, with an exciting match up between the 7th Grade Belle Fourche Broncs and and the Newell Irrigators.

Here are some of the game highlights!

More pictures from this game and other middle school games can be seen and ordered at
Thompson Photography ~ Middle School Basketball

If any parents would like to ensure that I will have pictures of your son at a game, feel free to email me at jmthompson@spe.midco.com, or call me at 722-2335 and let me know when and where he is playing and his jersey number, and I will do my best to get some pictures for you to choose from!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art Alley

Today, in spite of the 40-mph winds, I decided I wanted to go to Rapid City and photograph some of the graffiti in an alley I had noticed as I was walking by it earlier in the week. Being a country girl and not used to frequenting alleys, I was a little nervous about going by myself with my camera, so I convinced my husband and my dog they needed to accompany me. The dog was much easier to convince than my husband, but he knows I can't hold the dog and take pictures, so he agreed to go! Once we got there, I found out the alley actually has a name, Art Alley, and is quite well known in Rapid City. Just goes to show that I am not as well cultured and well traveled as I like to believe I am!!!

For anyone who hasn't been to Art Alley, it is in the alley behind The Hotel Alex Johnson on Main Street in downtown Rapid City. I highly recommend taking the tour and expanding your cultural horizons! There are some extremely gifted artists out there brightening up Rapid City's alleys!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Black Hills Arena Racing

Rapid City Fairgrounds arena was transformed into an indoor motocross track this weekend, as riders from all over the state, as well as neighboring states, convened for a day of fast-paced racing!

Unfortunately, I was only able to stay for the heat races this month, having to leave before the last chance qualifiers and the main races. However, next month I will be sure to make the entire event. If any of you have spoken to me about pictures, and you don't see pictures on my website, I apologize! I still have your rider numbers and I will definitely get more pictures at next month's races.

The peewee races are always alot of fun to watch, as these kids try so hard and are every bit as competitive as the older riders. There is always alot of help on hand to get the kids back on their bikes and get them going after mishaps!

More pictures from Saturday's event can be seen at:
Thompson Photography

If you would like pictures of a certain rider at next month's races, just send me an email at jmthompson@spe.midco.net with the rider's number and their class, and I will be sure to get some pictures!

For anyone who likes motorsports and fast-paced action, I highly recommend taking in a day of arena racing! The next event will be on February 14, 2009, with the heat races running all day and the main events starting at 6:30 PM. The doors close and the building is cleared out after the last chance qualifiers, at approximately 4:00-4:30 PM, and then the doors reopen at 5:45 PM. Dress warm, as it is a little cold, but it is a definitely a fun way to spend a Saturday!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

MySpace Videos Now Available!

For all of you athletes out there with MySpace or Facebook pages, or if you would just like a video for your webpage, high-definition MP4 videos showcasing your sports pictures are now available!

++ $5.00 for up to two minutes or $10.00 for over two minutes ++

Contact me at jmthompson@spe.midco.net or 605-641-2335 for details

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Spearfish Junior League Basketball Season Ends

The Saturday before Christmas brought an end to an exciting season of basketball for the youth of Spearfish! The games were held on Saturday mornings, with the girl's league starting in September and finishing at the end of October, and the boy's league starting the first Saturday of November. These kids may not have the skills yet of the high school and college players, but they certainly have the heart and the desire to win, making the games every bit as exciting to watch! There were several times when I caught myself getting wrapped up in a game and forgetting that I was there to take pictures!

Although the youth league has come to an end for the season, high school basketball is just getting started. If you are looking for some excitement to get you out of the house on a boring winter evening, I suggest taking in a high school basketball game for some fast-paced excitement and to show support for our local athletes!

More Junior League basketball action can be seen at
Thompson Photography ~ Junior League Basketball