Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Badlands National Park

This past weekend my husband headed to Story, Wyoming, to ride his 4-wheeler up Penrose Trail for some lake fishing. Since I had a baseball tournament to shoot, I was left behind. I had games Friday and Sunday, but Saturday I took the day to go exploring by myself in Badlands National Park. There were a couple of areas I have always wanted to hike into, but my husband has an extreme aversion to heat, and his idea of a good time definitely isn't hiking in the Badlands, so this was my perfect opportunity!

Although I love traveling with my husband, I thoroughly enjoy just packing up my vehicle and taking off to explore all by my lonesome! I can stop when I want, go where I want, and even backtrack 20 times if I want (and believe me...I do)! When a friend asked me how long it took me to get to the Badlands on Highway 44, and I told her about four hours...she looked at me like I must have been lost. But my favorite T-shirt says, "He who wanders isn't always lost"!!!!
My first visit to the beautiful town of Scenic, South Dakota!

The Cheyenne River ~ the amount of sweet clover was incredible!

This little guy wasn't too impressed with having his picture taken...
While this guy couldn't care less!

After a few hours of "wandering", I finally made it to the park, just in time to see this fawn trying to catch up with his mama and sibling who had already crossed the road and were waiting in the tall grass for him.

I had been hiking in the backcountry in the Sage Creek Basin for a couple of hours when this guy decided I must look (or maybe smell!) like a possible casualty, as he circled above me for about a mile!

I had a great time, and I had forgotten just how beautiful the Badlands are! My next trip to the Badlands is going to be a nighttime trip for some astrophotography, but first is an anxiously-awaited trip to Glacier National Park this coming up July 4th holiday (and my birthday for everyone who is sending gifts)!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Senior Portraits


Thompson Photography is building a portrait portfolio, so now is your chance to take full advantage of introductory prices for Senior portraits!

Here are a few images from a shoot last week with Alysson, a fun Senior who was totally willing to wade barefoot into Spearfish Creek on a chilly morning for a few quick shots before her feet turned blue!

Introductory prices are good for sessions scheduled before August 15, 2009. Contact Jana at jmthompson@spe.midco.net or call 605-641-2335 for further details!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weber Family Reunion

It has been an EXTREMELY busy week, and I am just catching up from last weekend. It seems like I barely have the baseball tournament pictures posted from last weekend, and this weekend is here already, with another baseball tournament!

Last weekend started out with the family reunion of my good friend and pool teammate, Vicky. She wanted family portraits of all of the families attending so she could put together family calendars from the reunion. Having never been to a family reunion, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I knew Vicky's family would be a good place to start!

After spending the morning shooting baseball and softball, and the afternoon and evening taking family portraits of all of the families, dining on steak, and partaking in ice cold beverages, by 9:00 PM I went home EXHAUSTED, but having thoroughly enjoyed a day in the sun, taking pictures, and meeting new people!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Day at Belle Fourche Reservoir

Saturday morning, my husband and I hooked up the boat and headed to Orman Dam (AKA Rocky Point Recreation Area) for a day of sunshine, relaxation, and maybe catching a walleye or two...oh yeah, and I took my camera! As soon as we got the boat on the water, I suggested that the fishing would probably be really good right around Gull Island, and since it had been windy the evening before, fish would probably be in shallow, so we should be in as close as we could get to the shore. My husband might have believed that I really had his best interest in mind and wanted him to catch lots of fish, but I think he caught on when I pulled out my camera instead of my fishing pole! He was a good sport though, and he proceeded to troll through the flooded trees and brush as close as he could around Gull Island for about an hour, while I shot about two memory cards full of pictures of baby gulls.

Since he was such a good sport about being my photo tour guide for part of the morning (even proceeding to take me all the way to the other end of the lake to look for baby pelicans!), I went ahead and let him catch more fish than me...this time anyway!!!!

All of the pictures from the day can be seen at Thompson Photography !

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon 2009

Earlier this year, Mark Coffey of Action Sports Images, LLC, contacted me to see if I would be interested in photographing the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon with him and his crew. Always looking for some extra cash, I thought that sounded like a lot of fun and a great opportunity! As the weekend of the Marathon rolled around, and the forecast was calling for a 75% chance of rain and about 50 degrees, I wasn't so sure about the fun factor, but I packed my six jackets, wool socks, and rain gear, and headed out into the dense fog to my assigned spot at the half marathon start line!

After being there myself as a competitor (well...kind of!) previously, the start line was a familiar site, and the camaraderie and excitement among the approximately 1,400 runners & walkers was fun to experience! After photographing the stampede of runners taking off at the start of the half marathon, I moved to a more scenic area to wait for the marathon runners as they passed the 13-mile point...on their way to the home stretch! The weather held for the most part, and although the fog and mist made it a bit of a challenge for photographers, it was actually a perfect day for the runners, which is what counts!

In spite of the wet and cold weather, I had a lot of fun interacting with the runners and walkers and offering support and encouragement. Now I have to get out there and start training even harder for the Leading Ladies Marathon in August!!!!

Anyone looking for the Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon Photos can view and purchase the photos at Action Sports Images, LLC

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brushing up on Photoshop!

Lately, I have been working extensively on my improving my Photoshop skills. Although I believe firmly on "getting it right in the camera" in regards to exposure, composition, etc., there are so many fun and exciting embellishments out there that can be done in Photoshop and which can add so much to an image and separate it from the crowd. Here are a couple of my latest works of art (I use that term loosely!).

Seagull Composite

I admit I am a Photoshop junkie, and if I just had the time, I would spend the entire day playing with images in Photoshop!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wedding at Devil's Tower KOA

On Saturday, against the beautiful backdrop of Devil's Tower, I photographed Heather and Miles as they shared their vows with their family and friends at the Devil's Tower KOA Campground. With the forecast calling for 10 - 20 mph winds and a 75% chance of rain, it wasn't looking good for an outdoor wedding, but everyone was optimistic, and they held off putting up a tent. As time for the ceremony drew near, the clouds broke up a bit, the wind died down, and although a bit chilly, it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a beautiful bride and her wedding!

Thank you to Heather and Miles for letting me share your special day with you, your family, and your friends!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spearfish Youth T-Ball

T-ball season is here! I had been asked by a few parents if I would be photographing any T-ball, and I am never one to turn down any sport, especially one involving little kids!! I have never watched T-ball before, although I had a general idea of what it involved...basically baseball for the little guys and girls. However, I had NO IDEA that it would be so completely entertaining! These kids bring intensity to an entire new level!

They definitely needed some direction...okay, ALOT of direction, but that is what the coaches and parents were all there for!

Even with the coaches there helping them out, many of the kids were so set on their goal of hitting the ball, and then making it around those bases, they just kept on running, regardless of where the ball was!!!

But they were catching on quick, and I am looking forward to seeing them learn and develop their skills throughout the month!
More images from Tuesday's 5:15 PM game, Team 8 vs Team 7, can be seen at Thompson Photography !